Los Angeles Dating Scene

If you have never been to LA, you probably think it is very easy to meet singles in Los Angeles. However, that is not really the case at all. The dating scene in LA is a lot harsher than it is in other places but that does not mean dating in LA is impossible. Curious to know more about how to date in Los Angeles? Please continue reading!

Are Singles In LA?

Yes, there are many singles you can find in Los Angeles, sadly, the whole process of meeting singles in Los Angeles is not as easy as you would expect. If you want to get lucky, you might want to understand how does Los Angeles single scene work. Los Angeles singles are expected to get out there and actually put the effort into dating as it is. So, what is the LA dating scene like? It can be harsh and it requires a lot of motivation too. 

How Do People Meet In LA? Where?

Luckily, Los Angeles is insanely huge and the LA dating scene is just as big as well. While many LA singles actually use the internet and various dating websites, there are also many singles events or speed dating you can visit and possibly meet someone special! For example if you are single and you wish to go to a singles bar to try out your luck, here are a few bars you can visit: Everson Royce Bar found in Arts District, Idle Hour located in North Hollywood, Block Party found at Highland Park and many others! Or you can find other places to get girl for a date.

Best Dating Sites In Los Angeles

While Los Angeles has a population of over 3.9 million people and many believe it is easy to find singles there, it is actually not the case, which is why many Los Angeles singles turned to online dating websites such as:


Match.com is currently the most popular dating website in Los Angeles. According to the information found online, there is no other dating website that features more Los Angeles singles than this one. Match.com has been very popular across the US and because of that, it has even earned the reputation for being one of the rare trustworthy dating platforms out there too. The website is free to try out and will allow you to wink at whoever you like, as well as message them in case they caught your attention.


Never heard of Zoosk? If not, it is the perfect time to try it out. Zoosk is currently considered to be the number one application for finding dates. The registration process is easy and requires you to sync your Facebook or Google account in order to start your dating adventure. The application itself has over 38 million members and also a huge amount of Los Angeles singles looking for a partner or just some fun.

Where Can I Find Lesbians And Gays In LA?

If you are looking for LGBTQ friendly places to visit, do not worry! There are many LGBTQ friendly bars and places to take your date to. 

Precinct (Downtown LA)

The Precinct is basically a base for dancing and drag. If you are looking for a thriving LGBTQ scene and a bar that will provide you with a lot of fun, Precinct will surely do so in no time. There is a great diversity in party planning here and a big variety of great foods to try out with your date! 

The Abbey (West Hollywood)

Looking for a place that never sleeps? The Abbey might be what you want to check out as soon as possible! The Abbey has been a great community center for gays and lesbians and on top of that, there are some really great drinks you can try out too! No matter the time of the day, The Abbey is always filled up with girls and guys who are ready for a good time. 


Los Angeles might be a place where singles can get lost in the whole dating scene, however, once you get a hang of it it can also be an amazing place too! When trying out dating in Los Angeles, make sure you never give up. There is always a choice, and all it takes to find someone interesting is patience and a lot of effort/motivation.

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