Where should I take a girl for a date in Los Angeles?

Life in LA is a dream come true, but the longer you live here, the harder it gets to find special places. That’s why so many people are actively googling first date ideas in Los Angeles. 

Is it the first time you are hanging out with your girl? Do you want to impress her? Find some inspiration in this post! Below are our top 10 date spots in LA. 

Watch a movie under the stars 

I know, I know, it sounds so cliche. But think about it for a second. A warm summer evening, Rooftop Cinema Club, you and her in the back row, and a classy film that she loves. What can be better than such a date night in Los Angeles? And besides, if it’s going to be the first time the two of you are spending a romantic evening together, be sure that there won’t be any awkwardness. You’ll enjoy your night and have something to talk about for the rest of the week. So, yeah, watching a movie under the stars is a safe bet.

Spend time at the beach

Why wait until some hypothetical evening when you can hang out here and now? Sometimes spontaneous dates turn out more memorable and more enjoyable than well-planned romantic evenings. If you also think that things don’t have to be super complicated every time, stop searching for fancy date ideas in Los Angeles and just invite her to the beach. Simple as that. Send her a text right now, saying that it’s a beautiful sunny day and that you’d love to go see the ocean right now, preferably with her 🙂 

Cruise aboard the Queen Mary

Some girls want more than just a walk on the beach. If your lady loves exquisite surprises, and if you want to make a lasting impression, here’s one of those rather high-end date ideas in Southern California. Invite your girl for a glamorous cruise! The Queen Mary is a very popular entertainment venue that will definitely impress even the most demanding ladies. It’s not a particularly affordable option, but if you decide to go for it, you’ll see that it’s worth all the money. 

Walk along the Santa Monica Pier

Taking a walk along the Santa Monica Pier never gets old. This wooden wharf with all its charm, entertainment options, and Instagrammable views is sure to create a special atmosphere on your date. We’d recommend this option if it’s one of your first dates and you’d like to keep things realy casual. It’s a great location, which is loved by many locals. Definitely one of the best Los Angeles date ideas, and the easiest one to organize, too. 

Take a hike

Is she an active girl? Does she enjoy walking in nature? If yes, invite her to spend an unusual weekend together and take a hike. You probably didn’t know that but there are more than 50 hiking trails in Los Angeles. Each of them is special in one way or another, and no matter what trail you choose, you are guaranteed to enjoy a breathtaking view. And as a pleasant bonus, you’ll get to know each other better because that’s what happens when people overcome something challenging together. 

Go to a brewery

Now, I don’t recommend you to get her drunk on the first date, that’s not what a true gentleman would do. But jokes aside, many girls are so sick and tired of similar first dates that they would love to try something different. If you know her quite well and if this is something she’d prefer over many other alternatives, invite her to some good local brewery. Go through some Yelp reviews, there’s a lot to choose from in LA.

Take a walk through the Venice Canals

The Venice Canals are famous for having some of the best date spots in LA. They are located very close to Venice Beach, but it’s still very easy to overlook them. Chances are that your girl hasn’t been there before. Venice Canals belong to those places where you don’t have to do anything. Just walk around, enjoy the beautiful scenery, talk about different things, and just, you know, get more familiar with each other.  

Explore a museum

Is she a smart kind? Does she enjoy learning something new? Do you think she would enjoy it if you took her to some local museum? There is plenty of them in LA. Just to name a few, there are LACMA, Museum of Contemporary Art, The Broad, The Hollywood Museum, Museum of Selfies, Natural History Museum and even California Science Center. Depending on what she likes, you have many opportunities to organize a great first date. Use this chance! 

Visit the Griffith Observatory

Another variant in our list of first date ideas in Southern California is taking a trip to the Griffith Observatory. For those of you who don’t know, Griffith Observatory is a public observatory here in LA that has a planetarium, lots of interesting exhibits, public telescopes, and more. People come here from all over the world to enjoy magnificent views. If your girl hasn’t been there before, she’ll definitely love such a date.

Old Town Pasadena

When you run out of all your date ideas in Los Angeles, you can always get back to Pasadena. It’s a super popular and very bustling district with lots of different things to do. From walking along the cute streets and flea market shopping to having a delicious dinner in one of the local restaurants, you will never be bored here, not to mention that Old Pasadena is an extremely Instagram-friendly place. It’s a win-win idea, no matter how you look at it. 


This is the end of our list of the best places for the first date in Los Angeles. This city has a lot to offer, and there’s definitely more space for fantasy. But if you are not so romantic person and really don’t know what to do, our recommendations will be enough for at least 10 dates. 

Have a good time! 

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