Speed Dating In LA

Sometimes, we all get bored of going on dates with the wrong people and wasting time and our precious money on them. If you are sick of it all as well, you might want to try out speed dating in LA. While many claim dating is hard in LA, with such a huge population, there are various speed dating events you can attend, save up your money, your time and meet up with people who may actually keep your interest. Speed dating Los Angeles has been a thing for a long time, and surprisingly, it seems to be working for many people as well!

What is Speed Dating?

If you want to try out LA speed dating but you have no idea what speed dating even is, let’s say it is a great way for you to save up your money and your time. Speed dating is basically a well organized social gathering where people look for romantic relationships and have a series of quick conversations with their potential partners. Usually, there are various potential partners you can talk to and determine which one of them shares mutual interests with you. 

How does speed dating work in LA? 

Speed dating in Los Angeles is basically all about dating events that are designed to attract groups of people who have similar interests. Usually, singles events Los Angeles provides feature people of the same age groups, this means all of the people placed in a group with you will most likely be the same age or close age to you. So, if you are singles and you are asking yourself about ‘’events for singles near me’’, make sure to try out speed dating and meet up with some awesome people Los Angeles has to offer.

What are the best speed dating events in LA? 

There are many great speed dating events you can find in LA, however here are a few that really stand out and seem to be connecting people better than others.

Catch Matchmaking

Catch Matchmaking has first been established back in 2007. Knowing how frustrating online dating can get, Katie and May decided to work on a dating agency that made sure people have an easier time finding someone they would like to date. Catch Matchmaking specializes in women and men who are between 22 up to 65 years of age. The majority of their clients are attractive, successful and look for a serious relationship. 

Fun Singles

Fun Singles ensures you forget about swiping and boring questionnaires most dating websites require from you. Thanks to Fun Singles, you can attend their Happy Hours, Speed Dating and Social Mixer in case you feel lonely and want to meet someone interesting. Whoever is interested in attending one of the events organized by Fun Singles, has to apply and will be routinely screened. Most of the people attending Fun Singles events are fun, active and professional people who wish to have a good time.

Which places should I visit for speed dating in LA? 

If you decided to attend some of the speed dating events in LA, make sure you know what you really want. Do you prefer intimate gatherings with beautiful views or you prefer the club atmosphere? There is everything you want right here in LA, you only have to choose! For example, you can try out CitySwoon. CitySwoon is a perfect place to find your date and attend a speed dating event. Many of their events are organized in various places of Los Angeles such as rooftop bars, city clubs, beach and finest venues in downtown LA.

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